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Welcome to the Revolution!

Lauren and Mark

Welcome to REVOLUTION CHIROPRACTIC in Miami on the Gold Coast. We guarantee that what you will find here is healthcare that MAKES SENSE. When dealing with Health, Function and Real Results care needs to be structured and it needs to be reproducible for people. We are here to help you get your best self back!

At Revolution Chiropractic, from the moment you walk through the door, you will see and feel that this is not your Traditional Chiropractic Centre (Read more). Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Do you want to gain the edge in your area of expertise? Do you desire to have a healthy family from the inside out?   Do you suffer from Secondary Conditions? Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Lack of Energy, Recurrent Colds and Flus? (Read more) Annoyed you’re not getting any real solutions? At Revolution Chiropractic our Complete Neuro-Structural Examination Process (Read more) will enable us to cater specifically to your individual health needs.

We highly recommend you sign up for our bi-monthly Newsletter and receive the most accurate and up to date information on how to Eat Well, Move Well, and Think Well.   The information we send will empower you to learn how to add quality of life to your everyday.

We look forward to helping you at Revolution Chiropractic so you can live a healthier, more active and more enjoyable life. We understand how difficult life can be when you are always struggling to deal with secondary conditions, never getting to the primary condition or understanding the cause.

Where do you Find us?

Shop 24a 1934 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami, 4220

Miami One shop just outside the shop to help nearby locators

Parking is aplenty underneath Miami 1 Complex.   Just up the escalator and to your right you will find our family practice!

Our practice is only a short 5-minute walk to beautiful North Burleigh beach; the best way to finish a visit with Revolution Chiropractic is a quick stroll down to the sandy beaches to walk out your spine and give yourself a break to take in the fresh ocean air.

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Meet Your Doctor

Lauren helping little kid

Dr. Mark Illguth is knowledgeable and energetic, he’s quite bossy too, but he is great at what he does. Most importantly chiropractic is his life and he loves what he does. Get positively affected by his passion and drive for a healthy living. Whether you are one of his patients or attending a Health Talk you will thrive on the expertise and professionalism with which he explains your health concerns and helps you to understand why certain things are happening to you. Dr. Mark Illguth is a graduate of the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic, which is considered to be the best college in the Southern Hemisphere. Dr. Mark Illguth was until recently the main chiropractor in a different practice on the north side of the coast until he became the CEO and Owner of Revolution Chiropractic.

Meet the person who is really in charge:

inside the shop just finished with renovation helped by friends

Lauren is the Practice Manger of Revolution Chiropractic, her duties range from organising the daily schedule, the office paperwork, customer service and communications representative, to list just a few of the roles of which Lauren is in charge of. Lauren has received Chiropractic care since she was a child and is happy to share her adjustment history with you. A friendlier, more caring heart has never been attending to your families health needs.   Her smile lights up the office and her personal touches will see you adding her to your friend list in no time! She loves when you just pop in to say HEY!!

Our Location

Revolution Chiropractic Shop 24a 1934 Gold Coast Hwy Miami, Queensland 4220