Shoulder Problems

Shoulder pain and mobility issues are extremely common due to the highly complex and rotational nature of the shoulder joint.

Revolution Chiropractic - Dr Mark Illguth - Shoulder Problems - 2 (1)

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder pain and mobility issues are extremely common due to the highly complex and rotational nature of the shoulder joint.

Revolution Chiropractic - Dr Mark Illguth - Shoulder Problems - 2 (1)

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Miami, Queensland

Shoulder Problems & Pain

Shoulder pain and mobility issues are extremely common due to the highly complex and rotational nature of the shoulder joint. These issues often stem from injuries, overuse, poor posture, nerve impingement and structural misalignments in the shoulder and in the neck due to the attachments the shoulder has to the neck, among other causes. Unfortunately, because the shoulder is involved in a wide variety of daily activities and virtually every sport shoulder problems can significantly impact daily performance, function and our own percieved quality of life.

At Revolution Chiropractic, we aim to help both acute and chronic shoulder problems at their source. Rather than simply alleviating the symptoms of the issue (seen as a band-aid) we approach shoulder pain from a deep, structural standpoint to correct the underlying causes of the dysfunction that generates your pain and issue. The result? Natural, lasting pain relief and mobility improvement, plus better function.

What to Expect With Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

At Revolution Chiropractic, we address shoulder pain from a structural, corrective standpoint. Unlike traditional chiropractic care, structural corrective treatment focuses on locating the underlying source of the issue and treating the cause of the problem rather than just its symptoms. When we heal the cause of shoulder pain, we naturally relieve the symptoms because symptoms are simply your body’s way of communicating that something isn’t working properly.

At our Miami, Queensland clinic, the first step in any shoulder pain treatment plan is a comprehensive neurostructural evaluation. During your evaluation, we will thoroughly analyze your spine using a variety of assessment and imaging techniques. He’ll also ask you about your history, daily practices and other factors that may be contributing to the source of your pain. After gathering all the necessary information, he’ll then make an in-depth diagnosis and develop acustom care plan designed to correct the underlying cause of your problem and provide improved function, stability, strength and lasting relief.

Throughout your plan of care, the doctor will provide ongoing evaluation of both your spine and shoulder. At each visit, he’ll perform the necessary corrections, after which you’ll work through a series of targeted rehabilitation exercises designed to strengthen the shoulder, increase mobility and re-establish normal function. Depending on your unique case, soft tissue therapies, such as remedial massage at Revolution Chiropractic, may be incorporated into your plan of care.

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

If you struggle with acute or chronic shoulder pain, range of motion, functional issues or strength thenNeuroStructural chiropractic care offers a variety of health benefits, including:

Improved function, alignment and stability resulting in Pain Relief
Misalignments, injuries, overuse, impingements and nerve compression can all play a role in furthering shoulder problems and pain. We address these issues through a combination of corrective adjustments, soft tissue therapies and rehabilitative exercises to restore proper function to the shoulder. The shoulder is the extension of the body, shoulder problems can result from underlying and unresolved spinal issues, even without the neck having symptoms. Our specific assessment is designed to help you uncover the root problem causing your shoulder problems.

As we progressively correct the structure of the upper spine and treat the structural components of the shoulder, we allow the spine, shoulder joint and surrounding tissues to return to their normal, healthy states. By correcting the underlying causes of shoulder problems, we’re able to elicit a lasting reduction in discomfort, improved strength, stability, healthy and longevity.

Improved Shoulder Mobility
Because the shoulder is a highly complex joint, several bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments lend to its ability to move in a rotational pattern. When these structures become compromised by misalignment, impingement, injuries or overuse, you’ll experience reduced range of motion as a result. Through progressive adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, stretching and soft tissue therapies, we restore normal function to the structures that support the shoulder. Consequently, you’ll experience improvements in your shoulder’s range of motion and overall mobility.

Inflammation Reduction
Overuse of the shoulder can create significant inflammation of the muscles, ligaments and tendons that allow the structure to move normally. Because inflammation is painful, it often limits the movement of the shoulder further. Through corrective adjustments, rehabilitative techniques and soft tissue therapies, we encourage improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to inflamed and damaged shoulder tissues, which promotes faster recovery. As the structure heals, you’ll experience a substantial reduction in inflammation and associated discomfort.

What Conditions Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Because the shoulder is a highly complex, rotational joint, shoulder problems is often accompanied by several symptoms and conditions that can benefit from chiropractic care, including:

  • Shoulder instability
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Tendonitis of the shoulder
  • Rotator cuff pain

  • Muscle weakness in the shoulder
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder strain due to overuse

Frequently Asked Questions

At our Miami, Queensland clinic, we offer a variety of therapies that work in conjunction with corrective chiropractic care. For muscular pain, we can incorporate remedial massage and other soft tissue therapies to reduce tension, relieve pain, promote blood flow and encourage expedited healing. We also incorporate tailored rehabilitative exercises into your plan of care to strengthen the soft tissues of the shoulder and encourage full range of motion.

Shoulder pain frequently occurs independently of structural shoulder problems, which can be confusing for many sufferers. When nothing appears to be physically wrong with the shoulder, pain is usually caused by compressed or pinched nerves in the upper spine. This phenomenon causes pain to radiate into the shoulder, which is often accompanied by muscle weakness or limited range of motion. When the nerves that feed the shoulder become compromised by spinal misalignments, they send pain signals to the brain to let you know that something isn’t quite right.