Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractic is a specialized form of chiropractic care designed specifically for athletic populations.

Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractic is a specialized form of chiropractic care designed specifically for athletic populations.

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Miami, Queensland

Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractic is a specialized form of chiropractic care designed specifically for athletic populations. Treatments focus on both injury prevention and rehabilitation of existing injuries through Structural Corrective Spinal Adjustments, soft tissue mobilization techniques, manual therapies and other sport-specific treatments.

At Revolution Chiropractic, we take a specific corrective approach to sports chiropractic by locating and addressing the underlying causes of sport-specific injuries and physical dysfunction. Rather than simply treating the secondary symptoms of sport-related injuries (tight muscles, recurring injuries in extremities, muscle imbalance due to spinal shifts, ect.) we aim to structurally shift and correct the spine and surrounding tissues to their normal position aiding in lasting relief as well as improved performance.

What to Expect With Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractic differs significantly from other forms of traditional chiropractic in that it is specifically tailored to address injuries and structural physical dysfunction among athletic populations. Secondary symptoms such as limited range of motion, pain with movement, soft tissue injuries and connective tissue dysfunction stem from structural misalignments within the body. Our aim is to progressively correct these abnormalities so you can get back in the game and perform better than ever.

During your initial sports chiropractic evaluation, you’ll undergo a comprehensive physical evaluation, which will assess the current condition and functionality of your spine and nervous system. This Neurofunctional assessment allows us to locate existing structural abnormalities in need of correction (an onsite digital structural x-ray may be taken based on your history and results of the clinical examination). We’ll also discuss important questions about your current physical concerns or injuries, what those issues feel like and when they typically occur. We’ll also ask you to detail your athletic history and daily training to help us make the most informed diagnosis possible.

After we’ve gathered and reviewed all necessary information, we’ll formulate a customised plan designed to progressively correct the structural misalignments within your neuromusculoskeletal system. With gentle, progressive Neurostructural adjustments, you’ll find that your performance improves, and your incidence of sports-related injuries lessens.

Health Benefits of Sports Chiropractic

An athlete’s nervous system controls each and every movement he or she makes. When the nervous system is compromised by structural misalignments, it simply cannot function as intended. As a result, the musculoskeletal system does not respond to nerve impulses as it should, which can significantly compromise athletic performance. In many cases, these abnormalities also lead to injury. If you suffer from injuries, decreasing physical performance or nagging aches and pains, sports chiropractic offers the following benefits:

Injury Management and Prevention
A misaligned musculoskeletal system is a dysfunctional system, which often leads to imbalances within the body that impede physical performance and trigger injuries. With specific sports chiropractic care, we take a functional, whole-body approach to injury treatment and prevention. As we gradually correct structural spinal shifts and address soft tissue abnormalities, we restore proper blood flow and nerve signaling to injured and dysfunctional tissues. These corrections allow more rapid injury healing and can decrease the risk of future injuries.

Improved Mobility and Range of Motion
When an athlete’s spine is misaligned, physical compensation is necessary to continue performing at a high level. As an athlete gradually alters his or her movement patterns, the body adapts to these changes, which often creates muscular and structural imbalances within the body. These imbalances stress the system and result in reduced flexibility, discomfort with specific movements and soft tissue abnormalities. As we progressively correct the spine and address soft tissue problems, we restore mobility and improve range of motion.

Improved Coordination
As we bring the neuromusculoskeletal system back into proper alignment, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones can function normally. Studies have shown that after 12 weeks of regular sports chiropractic care treatments, athletes experience a 30 percent improvement in hand-eye coordination1.

What Conditions Can Benefit from Sports Chiropractic?

A wide variety of sports-related conditions can benefit from routine sports chiropractic care, including:

  • Overuse injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Ligament and tendon sprain and strain
  • Joint pain with movement
  • Rotator cuff injuries or dysfunction
  • Tendonitis
  • Knee injuries
  • Back and neck issues
  • Dislocations

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports chiropractors are highly specialized doctors who have undergone years of post-graduate training in sports-specific evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. They are experts in physical performance, sports-related injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and emergency treatment techniques. In our Miami, Queensland clinic, we focus on neuromusculoskeletal evaluation to locate and address the underlying causes of sport-specific injuries and dysfunction.

Traditional chiropractors, on the other hand, typically focus on treating symptoms rather than locating and addressing the source of those symptoms. They target the general population rather than athletic individuals, and they are not extensively trained in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

This is a case by case answer because once someone has worked with us to correct the underlying problems, exercise can be performed after a check-up because it will ensure peak performance. In the beginning, we will most likely advise that you treat your body gently for several hours. You should avoid high impact training and any type of sudden, rapid movement immediately after your initial care, to maintain the integrity of your recent adjustment, maximising healing. We will always recommend a short, five- to 10-minute walk after your appointment, which helps incorporate your adjustment and allows your body and brain to communicate the changes that have just occurred.

1  Lauro A. Mouch B. Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic, Research and Clinical Investigation. 1991; 6:84-87.