Scoliosis Chiropractor in Miami

Here I aim to explain the difference between a scoliosis and a spinal structural shift, and much more regarding scoliosis.

Scoliosis Chiropractor in Miami - Featured Image

Scoliosis Chiropractor in Miami

A secondary condition is defined as long term effect of an underlying...

Scoliosis Chiropractor in Miami - Featured Image
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What are Secondary Conditions?

Here I aim to explain:

  1.   The difference between a scoliosis and a spinal structural shift (YES, there is a big difference)
  2.   Why the term scoliosis is thrown around so much by certain professionals and what You need to know to make an informed decision
  3.   How can a scoliosis be professionally, accurately and properly analysed
  4.    What can be done if you do have a scoliosis
  5.   I have been told chiropractors can not help a scoliosis

Number 1: The only way to know what is Abnormal is to first define what is Normal. What I mean by this is if we did not know that the body’s core temperature is a range between 36.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Only by knowing the normal range of something are we able to know when something is abnormal.

Now – when saying this, at Revolution Chiropractic and other NeuroStructural Chiropractic offices we are not looking for every single spine to be perfectly aligned, because nobody is perfect. What we are specifically analysing is does your spine an nerve system alignment fall within a Normal Range?

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So now that we have defined what Normal is and that there is a range, what is the difference between a scoliosis and a spinal structural shift?

A scoliosis is specifically defined as a progressive, lateral curvature of the spine, this means the spine bends and ALSO rotates as it shifts away from the normal alignment.

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Number 2: Both of these create health and spinal issues for the individual, and each person would have immense benefit from seeing a NeuroStructural Chiropractor which will be explained below. However, there are many professionals that would still call the x-ray and imaging on the right above, a scoliosis. The patient when seeing certain individuals is then also told that there is nothing to be done, so they are sent on their way and either do nothing, or they are given some basic stretches (that never get done), they are recommended pain medication that does not influence or prevent accelerated ageing, are told to come back when the pain is beyond managing in order to undergo spinal surgery and fusion with vertical rods.

The reason the diagnosis of scoliosis is thrown around is due to misunderstanding and also some professionals ability to help the patient get to the root of the issue.

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The Rotation of what is called a pedicle is a component of a scoliosis – the more rotation the more difficult the case can be.

This is WHY early detection is important for all children and adults, this is why at Revolution Chiropractic in Miami on the Gold Coast we offer a Complimentary Consultation where you sit down with our NeuroStructural Chiropractor to discuss your case, with no fee obligation to see if you are in the right place to get the help that you need. We focus on making sure that we do not waste peoples time or money and each individual is provided the care that they need based on their specific case.

Number 3: A scoliosis and a structural shift of the spine are both required to be analysed with accuracy and specificity. Many people have presented to our office over the years saying that they were told they had a scoliosis by someone just viewing their body from behind. This is not a diagnostic measure of accuracy. Much like someone looking at your teeth as you smile cannot accurately tell you which one has a hole and needs a filling.

At our Neurostructural Chiropractic centre in Miami, we have an on-site state of the art digital x-ray machine that provides definitive evidence of what is occurring beneath the surface. We also run 5 other forms of diagnostic analysis and objective measurements to identify where there is a problem and provide vital information about how we can specifically help you get back to your normal.

Number 4: Everything comes down to early detection, correction and maintenance, there are definitely limitations depending on age and severity. What we have seen though, is that every patient that has followed the protocols we have laid out has shown functional improvement in their measurements and resulted in a better quality of life. As we do not focus on a bandaid or one size fits all approach. You are unique and we treat you that way.

Number 5: What you will find in our clinic is honest and straightforward answers, when people say that chiropractors are unable to help X,Y,Z… unless that is a Specific Chiropractor, I would question why they have that opinion. Your best option is to actually seek a NeuroStructural Chiropractors objective opinion and guage that for yourself, based on the evidence they provide. I will liken it to saying, if you had either a hole in your tooth or needed braces would you go to anyone else other than a Dentist or an Orthodontist? No way, you would go to the predetermined professionals that spend 5 years + years of clinical experience in knowing everything there is about spine and nerve system health. Do not leave your health and quality of life in the opinions of others. The best thing you can do is take ownership and do what makes sense and always ask why.

Scoliosis Chiropractor in Miami - Blog - Mark Ilgguth - Revolution Chiropractic - Image

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