Meet Dr. Simon Morgan, BSMC

My role is to ensure your visits are seamless and that your journey with Revolution Chiropractic helps you to aspire to a greater level of health.

Meet Dr. Simon Morgan, BSMC

My role is to ensure your visits are seamless and that your journey with Revolution Chiropractic helps you to aspire to a greater level of health.

Miami, Queensland

Get to Know Dr. Simon Morgan, BSMC

Dr. Simon Morgan BSMC is the owner and director of Revolution Chiropractic Centre, located at Miami One Shopping Centre.

Dr. Simon has established himself as one the Gold Coast’s most preferred Structural Chiropractors . Dr. Simon has a proven track record of diagnosing the cause of back issues, headaches, and neck problems, to name a few, with over 15 years experience of correcting the cause of structural issues related to such ailments. His accomplishments in this area of healing has earned him praise and respect from the community, as being one of the best practitioners in the Miami area.

His successful Corrective Care techniques have been adopted in a broad age range of people, from newborn babies right up to 94 year olds, but he has a special interest in professionals keen on resisting preventable arthritic degeneration, for as long as possible… and he also provides general family care and maintenance care, with the goal of advancing spinal health outcomes.

His secret to keeping his client’s families ‘bone-alignment-health’ and structural alignment hygiene needs at an optimum, is his unique combination of tertiary educational degrees and continuing professional education programs.

Dr. Simon has completed nine years of university, and has studied ten years of structural corrective chiropractic care. Apart from his undergraduate degree and science degree, which majored in biomedical science, he was also an anatomy tutor for the Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists at Brisbane’s prestigious University of Queensland – St. Lucia campus.

HIs Chiropractic training was undertaken at Macquarie Uni in Sydney, which is one of the most evidence-based Chiropractic Universities in the southern hemisphere.

Key areas of his practice include Patient-Centred Xray-Guided specific techniques, that includes corrective adjustments, mobilisations, elongation work and tractive therapy, range-of-motion work, and soft-tissue work.

Dr. Simon’s practice even has an X-ray machine, and another designated room with Xray-guided specific traction devices, to help hold the corrections in place and significantly enhance patient benefits. He knows the serious side-effects of scoliosis and hunch-back areas, as well as sway-backs, hip-length/leg-length anomalies, shoulder drops and stooped necks, which can be devastating to health, so he thoroughly believes in the significant research that’s coming out about getting the body machine chiropractically-aligned, and staying well-adjusted.

Outside of the practice he enjoys family and friend time that involves swimming, surfing, hiking, and good wholesome food. He loves exploring the diverse and beautiful eastern Australian hinterland, and having been brought up in rural Australia, far from the Gold Coast, enjoys his family reunions back on the family farms located in the Narromine area of NSW.

One of his soft spots is for charities looking after people with disabilities, as his brother suffered brain damage early in life, and other than that, he is a general enthusiast for good conversation and good company.

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