Do Kids Need Chiropractic Care?

Kids can benefit from chiropractic care because most children fall about 2000x or more by the time they reach 6 years old...

Do Kids Need Chiropractic Care?

Kids can benefit from chiropractic care because most children fall about 2000x or more by the time they reach 6 years old...

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Chiropractic For Kids, Teens, and Babies

Yes, most children undergo many bumps, falls, “bonks”, and bruises during the course of their childhood. The birth process alone is often traumatic and results in multiple structural shifts in the spine, specifically to the delicate structures of the upper neck. Children who have not suffered a traumatic birth, or a fall, or a “big bonk”, often have postural changes early in life that can lead to problems in adulthood. Ever see a child W sit? Or watch a child skip crawling and potentially lose the valuable time on all fours to create the proper curvature of the neck and low back?

What about babies and children?

Parents often ask why children need to see a chiropractor. Just as adults have their spine checked for poor movement, symmetry and muscle tone, so may children be checked for this as well.

Before any treatment is commenced we take a full history, examination including spine, nervous system, developmental milestones and primitive reflexes. Your chiropractor will discuss all findings and recommendations to give you the choice whether care may be suitable for your child.

Adjustments differ significantly from adults often only requiring light fingertip pressure, cranial therapy or sometimes an instrument called an ‘activator’. Infant adjustments are very gentle, no cracking techniques will be used and babies will typically be soothed by an adjustment.

Chiropractic for Kids

The average child will fall 2500 times before the age of 3, three of them will be major falls such as off change tables, out of cots or downstairs. 50% will have a major fall in their first year! As a child grows they will also be subject to falls from bikes, play equipment, trampolines, poor posture with computer games and TV and heavy school bags.

Much of this is unavoidable and often disregarded but it is the cumulative nature that can result in ongoing problems and postural deviations that can remain through life. Just like any piece of machinery maintenance checks help to keep the long term impact to a minimum assisting the nervous system and your child’s body to perform at optimal levels. But my kid has no symptoms? Just like tooth cavity may have no symptoms, the effect of nerve irritation and postural imbalances can follow the same principle. Chiropractic care also includes advice on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Techniques will be tailored to suit their age, developing anatomy and comfort with safety as our priority.

Chiropractic for Teenagers and Adolescents

This is an extremely important time to check your child’s spine and posture. Previously undetected postural problems can often be multiplied during growth spurts and the increased demands of adolescent sporting activities. Many of these changes may be corrected before maturity. Posture, computers, heavy schoolbags, stress and contact sports play a large role in teenage health issues and are important to correct early.

Many parents find their teenagers more responsive to professional advice than their own nagging. Teenagers also respond well to nutritional advice to meet their increased body demands from our Naturopath Liz. Taking responsibility for their own health is a major benefit.

Is Chiropractic Safe for My Child?

Research over many years internationally has shown the risk of chiropractic adjustments to be extremely low and safer than most other intervention or even the car trip to the appointment. With gentle, low force techniques kids and parents feel very comfortable with adjustments.

Our chiropractors have completed extensive post-graduate studies in paediatrics and are all parents. Sue completed her 2-year diplomat of Chiropractic Paediatric Developmental Neurology in 2015 which works with brain-based developmental issues. An examination will include an extensive history, examination, postural and gait assessment, neurological and milestone assessment where appropriate and spinal examination. Referral to your doctor, paediatrician or allied health professional may also be appropriate. Our Naturopath Elizabeth is also available to assist in your child’s nutritional needs.

To help you we have a child-friendly clinic with toy boxes, change table, private space for breastfeeding, books and resources for borrowing and are pram accessible.