Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

Most people are not aware that there are different types of chiropractors. Learn how our specific approach enables our patients to see amazing results in many aspects of their health.

Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

Most people are not aware that there are different types of chiropractors...

Miami, Queensland

How is Revolution Different from Traditional Chiro?

When most people think about Chiropractic, the first thing that comes to mind is someone you see if you have a sore back, neck or headache. This is generally how most chiropractors practice and most of them are great at what they do. This type of care falls under the umbrella category of symptom relief management or “Band-Aid” care.

Traditional chiropractors have the following goals

  • Decreasing muscle spasm
  • Increasing joint range of motion
  • Temporarily reducing pain

If the outcome of seeing a health professional is to deal with just the symptom, then there is usually something that gets missed, like a pain in your tooth or a red light flashing on your dashboard of your car. Typically it means there is an underlying cause.

The Revolution Chiropractic Approach

Structural Chiropractors take an engineering approach to the spine. Not only do we want you to feel better, we want to SEE evidence that your spine has changed for the better. We do not use subjective measurements like feel or touch to determine how to take care of you. Our office uses ‘Objective Examinations’ and specific forms of analysis to accurately assess your underlying problems.

Precision Structural X-ray Systems

Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

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What could your Spine be like?

Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

Precision Structural Analysis

Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

Precision Functional Analysis

Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

We FOCUS on Objective measurements

By getting accurate and precise measurements of your spine, it allows us to work with your body and accurately correct the underlying structural misalignments to help your body get back to normal structure; where your body heals best.

Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution ChiropracticImagine your spine as the foundation of your house. What would happen if the foundations were not level and unstable?

Would you expect the floors to creak, the walls to crack or the windows to resist a smooth opening? Now, you can spend a lot of time, money and mental energy paying a builder to patch up the walls, hammer down the floor and realign the damaged windows.

However, is the fix permanent? What happens not too far down the track? The same problems may have to be REPAIRED Again… and again… and again!

Suddenly, instead of achieving proper structural correction, we’re relying on a chiropractor to be much more like a form of painkiller. The obvious solution is to rectify the fundamental error.

We understand our services may not be right for everyone, however, for those tired of searching for relief and finding only short term solutions, NeuroStructural Chiropractic in Miami might be right for you.

Once the foundation has been fixed, then we’ll teach you how to keep it that way through customized recommendations designed for your spine, so that the problem does not come back.

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