What Are NeuroStructural Shifts?

What Are NeuroStructural Shifts?


What does Blood pressure, Vision, Body Temperature and Cholesterol, just to name a few, all have in common? In Healthcare, each of these bodily functions has what are known as Normal Values. This does not mean every person fits into these boxes, but there are healthy ranges depending on a persons age, gender and current health situation, from day old babies to our oldest patient in their late 80's.

At Revolution Chiropractic, we are looking for significant and specific Neuro-Structural Shifts of your Spine and Nerve System that are outside of normal range.


UnderstandingIf the head and neck shift abruptly due to a NeuroStructural Shift caused from Motor Vehicle Accidents (A car accident just over 10km/hr is sufficient), even repetitive falls from sports or clumsiness, consistent poor posture, even abnormal weight bearing- ALL cause the shoulders to shift which will force the entire spine out of healthy alignment. Even More significantly, this NeuroStructural shift will cause the Entire body to break down faster allowing those SECONDARY Conditions to occur - muscles spasm, Joints not rotating as they were designed, Spinal Discs become compressed and accelerate degeneration, ligaments begin to deform, and detrimentally disrupt the nerves extending from the spinal cord to every muscle, organ, tissue and cell.


SSDThis is a downward cycle and the longer the primary issue, the Neuro-Structural Shift, is left uncorrected the more the secondary conditions start to take over.

By going through our Complete Neuro-Structural Examination you will understand how these issues can be addressed for you and your family’s long-term benefit.