Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder that involves amplified pain signaling between the central nervous system and pain receptors.

Revolution Chiropractic - Dr Mark Illguth - Fibromyalgia - 2 (1)


Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder that involves amplified pain signaling between the central nervous system and pain receptors.

Revolution Chiropractic - Dr Mark Illguth - Fibromyalgia - 2 (1)

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Fibromyalgia is a complex neurological disorder that involves amplified pain signaling between the central nervous system and pain receptors throughout the body. The disorder is characterized by fatigue and widespread bodily aching, tenderness and stiffness that affects the muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue. Brain fog, poor sleep and concentration difficulties are also characteristic of the disorder, which further solidify the condition’s highly debilitating nature. Often, symptoms are unrelenting and become severe to the point of making daily activities highly uncomfortable or even impossible. The condition is one of the most common rheumatic disorders in existence, yet unfortunately, one of the least understood.

At Revolution Chiropractic, we aim to help you to understand some potential underlying causes that can lead to fibromyalgia (as it is actually a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning, you have been subjected to a multitude of exams and because you do not have anything else, you are given this as a diagnosis due to exclusion of everything else.. Eg they do not know why you are having a problem).

However, from a structural perspective, we aim to locate and correct the root cause of the issue rather than treating only the symptoms. Unlike current conventional fibromyalgia treatment and traditional chiropractic, structural corrective chiropractic is not a symptomatic approach.
Instead, we focus on correcting the structural shifts that are the potential source of the problem. As a natural byproduct of correcting the foundation, we restore normal system function, your body can begin to heal and in turn alleviate symptoms.

What to Expect With Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia

At Revolution Chiropractic, the first step in a comprehensive NeuroStructural evaluation with the doctor. During your evaluation, you’ll move through a series of objective diagnostic evaluations (based on the questions asked by your Doctor of Chiropractic), including any clinically required advanced imaging and Neurofunctional movement assessment techniques. You’ll also speak with the doctor regarding your history with the condition along with daily activities and limitations. If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the healing process and specific care required, you’ll have ample opportunity to discuss them with the doctor during this time.

After gathering all pertinent information, Dr. Mark Illguth will review the results of your NeuroStructural exam to locate any abnormal structural shifts. If shifts are detected, he’ll then formulate a customised NeuroStructural careplan designed to progressively correct the structure of your spine. You’ll then be scheduled for a follow-up conference during which you’ll discuss the nature of your shift, explain the different aspects of your health that can be improved and your recommended plan of care.

At each scheduled appointment, the doctor will evaluate your spine and perform the necessary corrections based on your body’s feedback and the goal laid out at the initial appointments. After your corrective session, you’ll also receive direction on specific rehabilitative exercises designed to enhance your recovery.

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia

If you struggle with fibromyalgia pain or other debilitating symptoms of the disorder, structural corrective chiropractic offers a variety of health benefits, including:

Pain relief due to restoration of spinal joint function and nerve supply
From a structural perspective, fibromyalgia’s characteristics widespread body aching and tenderness can be the result of abnormal structural shifts in the brain-body communication system: the spine.

These shifts compromise the nerves that branch away from the spinal cord and interfere with the central nervous system’s function, this can affect many aspects of someone’s health and as time goes on can eventually result in pain signaling between the brain and the body’s pain receptors. As we gradually correct these shifts, we restore normal nerve signaling and aim to relieve the pain and tenderness associated with overstimulated pain receptors by restoring healthier joint function, nerve function and overall spinal health.

Improved Strength and Muscle Tone
Often, fibromyalgia pain becomes so debilitating that it drives sufferers to a sedentary lifestyle in an effort to cope. As a result, muscle tone and strength can suffer tremendously. As we correct structural shifts in your spine, we release nerve compressions that limit normal nervous system signaling and cause muscle stiffness and pain.

As your nerves begin functioning normally, the body restores healthy blood flow to your muscles and reduces pain signaling. When movement becomes easier and less painful, you can reintegrate physical activity into your day. Movement is life, when we start to decrease our lifestyle to avoid issues, the quality of our life diminishes. Ask us for help and decide to get to the root of the issue, not just aim for symptom suppression.

Inflammation Reduction
Inflammation is your immune system’s way of telling you something isn’t quite right. In fibromyalgia, central nervous system and connective tissue inflammation play a significant role in the discomfort and various other symptoms of the disorder. As we gradually bring structural shifts back into proper alignment, we restore normal nervous system function, we aim to improve how your body adapts to stress (physical, repetitive, mental/emotional) which encourages inflammation reduction and, consequently, pain and fatigue relief.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms That Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition that generates a wide range of associated symptoms that can benefit from corrective chiropractic care, including:

  • Chronic, widespread pain and aching
  • Muscle and skin tenderness
  • Muscle cramps and spasms
  • Unrelenting fatigue and trouble sleeping
  • Sensory alterations
  • Digestive disruptions
  • Balance and reflex problems
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle twitching and tremors
  • Brain fog, slowed thinking and disorientation

Frequently Asked Questions

At our Miami, Queensland clinic, we do our very best to make corrective adjustments as painless as possible. We have a deep understanding of the nerve sensitivity associated with fibromyalgia and take great care to avoid further irritation. At Revolution Chiropractic, we use a gentle, precise approach to fibromyalgia treatment that employs just enough pressure to make the required corrections.

Unfortunately, there is currently no known cure for fibromyalgia. However, structural corrective chiropractic care can be a highly effective treatment for the disorder. Unlike conventional treatment options, corrective chiropractic does not rely on harmful medications that can cause further damage to your already sensitive system. Instead, we focus on maintaining proper structural alignment of your body to allow your system to function at its best. Whether you’ll require ongoing treatment depends on your unique case as no two fibromyalgia sufferers are alike.