Scoliosis Chiropractor in Miami

Here I aim to explain the difference between a scoliosis and a spinal structural shift, and much more regarding scoliosis.

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What are Secondary Conditions?

A secondary condition is defined as long term effect of an underlying primary problem, we aim to address the primary issue.

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Traditional Chiro Vs Revolution Chiropractic

Most people are not aware that there are different types of chiropractors. Learn how our specific approach enables our patients to see amazing results in many aspects of their…

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What Are NeuroStructural Shifts?

What does Blood pressure, Vision, Body Temperature and Cholesterol, just to name a few, all have in common? In Healthcare...

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What Do I Need To Know Before My Examination?

Following a complimentary consultation, you will be given the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive NeuroStructural...

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Do Kids Need Chiropractic Care?

Kids can benefit from chiropractic care because most children fall about 2000x or more by the time they reach 6 years old...

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NeuroStructural Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a great way to maintain mobility, manage pain and add quality to your later years. Many of our seniors find they are...

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Oh, Oh, Omega-3

We have strongly recommended our Omega-3 supplement as part of your Structural Corrective plan in our office. Omega-3 is a critical nutritional component.

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Don’t Get Pork on Your Fork

Did you know that pork fillets have half the amount of fat as beef fillets? In fact, in a 100g beef tenderloin, there is roughly 25g fat or 50% of your daily recommended fats...

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